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Hygienic Approaches

By choosing a healthy lifestyle you can improve the way you feel as well as lead a fuller life. A healthy diet and exercise regimen will help you stay active and feel your best. Check out our dietary guidelines and use our daily weight chart to keep track of your weight.

Doctor Visits

visit to your doctor need not be a stressful experience. Your doctor is there to help you feel better and to monitor your progress. You can help your doctor and yourself out by reporting any symptoms you have, and being specific about when they occurred and how you felt. Find out 10 ways you can be a “good patient”.

Medical Treatments

Medications or surgical procedures may be the best way to reduce your symptoms of heart failure and improve your long term outcome. There are various drugs and surgical procedures used to treat heart failure. Keep in mind that many treatments do not require hospitalization. Remember that medical treatments should always be complemented with a healthy lifestyle.

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