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Heart failure is a complex disease with many factors affecting it’s presentation and progression.  While we have done our best throughout this site to address as many aspects of heart failure as we can, there are often additional questions that patients seek answers for.  Here, in our Questions section, we offer answers to frequently asked questions, physician responses to patient questions, a glossary of medical terms, in addition to information regarding Heart Failure Online.  Please use the links below to visit each section.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our FAQ section you’ll find answers to questions that our physicians are often asked by their patients.  These include routine questions such as “is it safe for me to drive?” and more difficult questions such as “how long will I live?”  We suggest you visit this portion of the Questions section of our site prior to asking our physicians a question in our Reader Questions portion of the site.

Reader Questions

If you haven’t found an answer to your question while exploring our website, we invite you to submit a question to our physicians.  Although we ask for your name, email address, and location, we understand the sensitive nature of medical issues and accept anonymous questions as well.  Before asking your question, be sure to read through previous visitor’s questions and our physician’s answers to them.


Did you see a term on our site or from your physician that you didn’t quite understand?  Don’t worry, you aren’t alone – medical terminology can be unnecessarily complicated and many patients find themselves confused at times.  Head over to our medical terms glossary and browse our extensive list of definitions.

Contact Us

Did you see an error?  Is a link broken?  Is there another term you’d like to see in our glossary, or another page you’d like to see on our site?  Maybe you’d just like to give us some feedback on your experience here at Heart Failure Online.  We welcome any kind of comments, suggestions, and feedback at our contact page.

About Heart Failure Online

We have been online for over a decade and have undergone many changes over that time.  Head on over to our About page to learn about the history of Heart Failure Online, and the people who have worked hard to bring the most recent incarnation of this site to life.

Resources and References

There are many heart failure resources on the internet, each of which offer unique information and perspective on the disease.  Head on over to our resources and references page for a list of websites we suggest to supplement Heart Failure Online and your knowledge of heart failure.  In addition, our site sponsors are recognized here, and a list of references for the information contained in this website are available for review.

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