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Health Tools

Weight Chart

We have created a simple weight chart for your use to help track daily changes in weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.  As a general rule, any change of more than 5 pounds in one day should be cause for concern.  Bring your weight chart to each doctor visit so your physician can assess daily fluctuations in your condition.

Download and Print a Daily Weight Chart

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Below you can use our BMI calculator to get your current BMI.  Body mass index, or BMI, is a measure of body fat expressed as a ratio of height to weight.  Although BMI is a useful tool in determining whether an individual is overweight or obese, it has several limitations due to it’s simplicity.  Your physician can help you understand what your BMI means in your specific case.

Click here for a full BMI table, or simply use the calculator below to determine your BMI and BMI category.

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BMI Calculator

Weight: (lbs)

Height: (ft) (in)

(switch to metric - cm/kg)